Join us for a series of professional sensory training sessions starring wine.

30 November 2021

The first workshop of the series, “The physiology of taste, or how we taste,” will be held on December 4. We will discuss, among other things, the physiology of the functioning of the human senses in relation to tasting wine and other products, perception and processing of stimuli, factors influencing perception and the role of the psyche in the tasting process. All meetings will be workshops, including both theory and practical exercises. The workshops are dedicated to people who want to develop their skills and are strongly interested in the subject of wine – we will discuss a lot of details. However, they are not only for advanced people – we will start each topic from the basics. All information about the workshop can be found in the attached invitation. A full description of the workshop is available at Tickets can be purchased on the website of Sztukówka Winery.