It’s here – website in English version

29 October 2021 in its English version is expected to affect the positive and competitive image of Lubuskie by making available to a wide group of Polish tourists and, through the English version, information on existing products and tourist attractions of Lubuskie.

The tourist portal is a source of proven and interesting ideas for spending free time for Lubuskie residents and further tourists from outside our region. The site collects in one place both important data and interesting facts about the region. The Informator, i.e. the most important information aimed at tourists, is divided into several tabs, including Practical Information, Tourist Information, Important Telephones or Calendar of Events. The site quickly provides information on objects worth visiting, cultural, sports and music events, and there is no lack of what tourists are most interested in, i.e.: where to eat, where to sleep and what to visit. The service offers the possibility to add to the database, among other things, catering facilities and accommodation facilities.

Particularly during a pandemic, many travel restrictions, we can virtually encourage visitors to our region after the pandemic, but also during, as such opportunities are also shown on our site. The main advantage of the portal is its simple and intuitive operation, including on mobile devices .The English version of our portal will facilitate contact with tourists who may be discouraged when they look at the site and notice the lack of possibility to choose the officially used language, i.e. English . A portal that has several language versions (usually German and English) looks professional and immediately increases its credibility, which positively affects the image of the region. English people admit that without using travel portals/apps they do not travel at all. Wanting to encourage them to get to know our region, we need to give them the option to use the option to understand what we post on the portal. Thanks to financial support from the Marshal’s Office, a professional tourist portal was created (also in English), showing tourists/residents all possible tourist information about Lubuskie Province. Thanks to the planned activities, we would like to present domestic and foreign tourists, residents and others interested in what tourist attractions we have, accommodation and catering facilities, cultural events and tourist events, the most important information about the region’s attractions and the possibility of contacting local residents willing to help tourists. The challenge for the Lubuskie Regional Tourist Organization LOTUR is not only to create a clear, readable tourist portal with a great design. We also need to ensure that the content it contains should be accessible to every visitor to the site. In the case of foreign tourists, this involves not only designing pages friendly to smartphone or tablet users, the so-called mobile. They must be supplemented with translations, and this, after all, greatly increases interest in the region. The added value of this portal is that it complements itself with a system of promoting the best facilities (pearls) and certifying the quality of the base . Information on our tourism portal is linked to the Polish portal The implementation of the translation of the portal into English will contribute to the development and promotion of the image of the province and the popularization of tourist products. Thanks to the implemented activities, information about specific offers, tourist products, the offer of individual places, regional products and products, thematic offer of various tourist attractions and accompanying events will be exposed and more accessible. as well as tourist information.

The public task is co-financed with funds received from the Lubuskie Province Marshal’s Office.