We invite you to participate in the competition for the best master’s thesis “NOW POLAND TOURISM”

02 January 2022

The Polish Tourist Organization and the Foundation for the Polish Promotional Emblem invite young, ambitious students and graduates of master’s degree programs to take part in the “Now Poland Tourism” competition. “Now Poland Tourism” is a competition for the best master’s thesis in the broadly understood area of Polish tourism: its development, promotion, competitiveness or marketing concepts. The competition is open to students and graduates of master’s degree programs, whose: the works are related to domestic or inbound tourism to Poland, the works have been defended and graded at least very good. the works were defended in the period no earlier than after January 1, 2020. The purpose of the competition is to promote young talents whose passion and level of knowledge of current trends or marketing concepts about Polish tourism have been neatly encapsulated in the defended master’s theses, to increase recognition of the potential of the Polish tourism economy, to create a positive image of Poles, to showcase their achievements and recognize them as future leaders and professionals in tourism, and to exchange and compare the experience and teaching achievements of various academic communities.

We look forward with great hope to the “NOW POLAND TOURISM” competition. There is enormous potential in students and graduates of master’s degree programs, and their works can bring many interesting insights into the subject of development and promotion of domestic and inbound tourism to Poland. New, fresh insights are essential in modern marketing, and the exchange of experience among academics will be an invaluable contribution to Polish education. We want to create and recognize young talents, so I strongly encourage you to participate in the competition,” says PTO President Rafal Szlachta.

We are eager to cooperate in this area, as we have the experience gained from organizing the 11th edition of the “Now Poland Promotion and Development” master thesis competition. Promotion of Polish tourism is one of the methods of supporting the competitiveness of the country. Undoubtedly, this is a field that is undergoing dynamic changes in recent times, so there is a need for systematic research and analysis. Also of great importance is the fresh and competent outlook of young, well-educated people full of enthusiasm to continue the chosen subject matter – whether in the theoretical or practical sphere,” stresses Krzysztof Przybył, president of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation.

To enter the Competition, please send a completed application form to the PTO. Detailed conditions for participation are contained in the regulations. Applications are accepted until August 30, 2022.

The selection of the most interesting publications will take place by voting with the participation of the expert and scientific community. The rules of the Committee of Experts and the rules of the Scientific Chapter for the selection of master theses of the TERAZ POLSKA TURISTYKA Competition are here.

The organizers of the competition are the Polish Tourist Organization and the Foundation for the Polish Promotional Emblem.

Implementation of the competition is the result of a cooperation agreement between the PTO and the Foundation for the Polish Promotional Emblem. Its goal is effective cooperation on a nationwide level and the creation of outstanding talents meeting the expectations of the tourism market in cooperation with the scientific community.

more at https://www.pot.gov.pl/pl/nowosci/wiadomosci-z-pot/rusza-konkurs-na-najlepsze-prace-magisterskie-teraz-polska-turystyka#r