TurApka – new PTO application for E-Certification of Tourist Information

01 February 2022

Lubuskie Regional Tourist Organization “LOTUR” invites all Tourist Information operating in Lubuskie Voivodeship to certify their IT, at the same time we would like to inform you that the stars earned so far , as of 28.12.2021. have lost their validity. The Polish Tourist Organization has launched the online application TurApka E-Certification of Tourist Information. With its help, tourist information points or centers can more efficiently pass the process of four-star standardization of the level of service to tourists. The new application was created to support the process of E-Certification of Tourist Information and can be accessed at https://certyfikacja-it.pot.gov.pl/. The new solution allows for efficient and entirely electronic receipt of applications, their verification and assignment of a rating to tourist information service providers. Tourist information points or centers throughout the country voluntarily apply for free participation in the standardization process on a scale of 1 to 4 stars, defining the highest level of criteria in serving tourists.

Advantages of undergoing this process include:

participation in industry networking
strengthening the positive image of the it point or center
developing the professionalism of existing tourist information service offices (stationary and digital) for tourists
promotion of the best certified tourist information in the media and PTO service
partnership within the Tourist Information Forum and in PTO promotional projects
participation in the PTO Competition for the Best Tourist Information Center in Poland
Participation in industry training courses
The PTO is meeting expectations related to the development of the Polish Tourist Information System (PTI) and the introduction of facilities for organizing the processing of applications in electronic mode in cooperation with regional tourist organizations.

The PTO intends to carry out the certification program efficiently by June 30, so as to standardize the standardization of tourist information units throughout Poland at a similar time.

A novelty of this edition of E-Certification, in addition to the modification of architectural accessibility requirements for people with special needs/disabilities and staff competencies, is the introduction of a QR code to confirm satisfaction ratings by tourists themselves visiting tourist information offices.

The regulations and criteria are available in the appendix and in TurApka.